1. Go get and install the FIREFOX browser. It’s free, fast and secure
  3. Problem solved.

Mozilla has released a Firefox tool called Facebook Container to stop the social network from seeing what you do online beyond Facebook’s own site.

Facebook, like Google and other companies, can track you when you visit many websites, such as those that have a Facebook like button. It means Facebook gets more than just personal data it can use to target ads based on your profile.

It’s also useful to companies like Cambridge Analytica, which is at the center of a sweeping privacy controversy stemming from its acquisition and use in political elections of data on more than 50 million Facebook users. That’s because Facebook grants third-party apps and services some access to your data.

Facebook Container, an extension for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, essentially stops these trackers from working outside of the Facebook website, Mozilla said.

It’s a new step in browsers becoming more assertive on behalf of everyone who uses them to protect privacy a little better. That’s a notable change after the industry’s Do Not Track effort failed to let us tell websites when we don’t want to be tracked.