Have you ever read a good book or watched a good movie and at some critical point, held your breathe in anticipation of the outcome and thought, “Come on, you can do it!  Don’t let me down now!!”

Perhaps you were rooting for the good guys to prevail over bad circumstances or to defeat the “bad guys” or to succeed in the face of trouble.

Maybe, in that instance you wished for a certain outcome.  Maybe you imagined how the book or the show would end or should end in a climax of victory for good!

But, you know what?  The book or the movie already has an ending.  It has already been written.   The ending is just waiting for you to arrive.  It has been predetermined and no amount of wishing or hoping and no matter now great your imagination, the outcome has been decided.

So, why bother watching or why don’t we just go to the end of the book or movie and watch the ending, first?  Because we want to enjoy the journey of the story and we love to anticipate the end of the story.  We have decided the story is worth it even if we have to live with the outcome.  We can rate the movie or the book, later.  Until then, enjoy the adventure if you can.

So it is with the destiny or fate of our world.  God has predetermined how this world is going to progress until is reaches its end.

In this case, however, you are encouraged to read about the outcome, at any time.  And no amount of wishing, cajoling and no matter what you think or imagine is going to change the outcome.  It has been written – literally – in the Bible.

Watch this sermon by Pastor Trent Casto, senior pastor, Covenant Church of Naples, PCA, on the subject of  “Election 2020: What You Need To Know”

Be encouraged!
Your Brother and Friend,
Mike Young

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