“I have come to seek and save the lost” – Jesus, Matthew 18:11

This is a message from Pastor Chris Voorhees, Congregational Life Pastor at Covenant Naples Church, Naples, Florida.   The event pastor Voorhees is describing is centuries old.  It has been recounted multiple millions of times from hundreds of thousands of pulpits.  But, the insights given by God to Chris on this day, defy his age and training.  Simply put, Chris has peered behind the veil and brought us some really great news:

JESUS CAME TO GET HIS KIDS BACK, including those “kids” of His who don’t recognize Him and who now reject Him.  (Pastor, Chris Voorhees)

When you encounter Jesus, He not only gives you The Good News, He prepares you to embrace that Good News.  He doesn’t just leave you ‘feeling good about yourself’, He points out the sin in your life cleans up the mess.  You are getting a NEW START.  The old you will have passed away and the New You will walk in a New Life!

I cannot shake the idea that Jesus came to get His kids back.  That thought is changing the way I look at every single person I encounter, now.

Christianity, is not about a religion or a philosophy or a church building program – We are joining Jesus is getting His kids back.  He found you and got you back, and He found me and got me back, now let’s join Him and bring the rest of them back Home to Him!

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

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