When Will The Tribulation Begin? Page 2

WARNING: Proceed with Caution

If you are in an Evangelical, Fundamentalist or Reformed church and do not hold tightly to a pre-tribulation Rapture view, there is a very good chance you may be lectured and corrected, and if you question a “traditional” pre-tribulation rapture view.  You may be ridiculed, mocked, marginalized and even shunned by some church leaders, bible teachers and pastors.

As an example in case, I casually shared my concerns and changing views with a pastor / friend and his wife at our kid’s Christian school track meet one day. I asked his feeling about this. His face turned red, and he stated he wouldn’t hear it. His wife was equally angry and told me that I might be stuck here during the tribulation, but they would be in heaven. They both turned their backs to me and stopped talking to me.

The next time I took my oldest son to this pastor’s church to visit, the pastor met me at the door, made a show of stopping me, turning his back on me and making it clear to all that I was not welcomed in his church. He never talked to me again. His name is John Marks, an otherwise dear man and a Baptist pastor. And this was not the only occasion a church leader acted this way regarding this matter. So, beware.

However, this is an important message. Most Christians think that once they repeated “a simple prayer” and “got saved” that is all they needed to do to go to heaven. But, not everyone believes that is enough.

Here is a short message from David Platt, Pastor, McLean Bible Church and former President, Southern Baptist International Mission Board, on this matter.

Our stated faith in Christ requires that we follow Him, which validates that statement. And Jesus tells us, clearly, what we are to DO if we are going to follow Him.

Don’t come up short.

Now, back to the End of Days and a Biblical narrative.

(Click here to continue to Page 3 and a quick scan of time and history as it relates to the Bible and The Last Days.)  Read carefully.  Study and see what you think.

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

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