PERFECTION – Chapter 1 – Does God Exist?

(You can listen by audio and pause the audio to follow page links for important details on these teachings; then resume the audio when you are ready. Please note that I use page links for important details and in lieu of footnotes and references.)

Chapter 1


A good place to start is for you to decide if God really does exist.  I am not equipped to deal with philosophy, existential thought or superstition. So, I will make this a short chapter by saying, “God Is”.  Why?  Because those thousands who have seriously pursued God and have invested their entire lives to that end, have also recorded what they have found in a book.  That book is the Bible, and the Bible says that GOD IS.

Hence, the basis, or foundation, for my thesis: “GOD IS”.

You may choose to go with the idea that Science is a more reliable source, and that is fine. But science is a relatively new field of study which has only recently explored the beginning of all things through a theory called the Big Bang. That theory has been revised a number of times and, in fact, is currently being reevaluated for accuracy – since it does not adequately fit current scientific mathematical models. And, science largely, if not completely, dismisses the idea of GOD or any ‘higher being’ having a hand in the creation of everything.

The only things I, or you, can know about God is what we have personally experienced or what has been written by those who have experienced God.  We find those records in the Bible. Therefore, I will use the Bible’s extensive writings, original languages, as best I can, keeping this study in the Biblical context that says, “there is a beginning and there will be an end and there is a purpose and a reason for it all”.


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