In the beginning, God created.

He began with the imperfect and created the Masterpiece, first in the heavens and then on the earth. His work completed in just seven days; He would allow His Masterpiece to mature for many a millennium until it became His Perfection.

This is a journey of discovery and revelation of God’s Grand Plan and Design, from creation through the End of the Age, then into a New Heaven and a New Earth.

This is a non-academic thesis on the reasons for WHAT God is doing in these Last Days and WHY He is doing it this way. My prayer is that, after reading this, everything you’ve wondered about the reasoning behind God’s Plan for the world and your life, will fall into place.

By: Michael J. Young, Sr., evangelist, pastor, teacher.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

© 2020 by Michael J. Young, Sr., All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any way by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopy or recording, or otherwise – without the prior written permission of the copyright holder except as provided by USA copyright laws, except for brief quotations or for critical reviews, with credit to this book.

Unless otherwise noted, all Scriptures are taken from the Holy Bible, New American Standard Version.





  1. Introduction – In Search of Perfection
  2. Does God Exist?
  3. Did God Create All Things?
  4. Mankind – The Seminal Moment
  5. The Point – Historical Events, Sequential and Relevant?
  6. Clues to the End of the Age – The Great Flood
  7. Clues to the End of the Age – The Flood of Daniel 9
  8. Clues to the End of the Age – The Flood of Matthew 24
  9. Clues to the End of the Age – The Flood of Revelation 12
  10. Clues to the End of the Age – The Tower of Babel & One World Government
  11. Clues to the End of the Age – The Covenants & God’s Plan for Perfection
  12. The Framework and Progression of World and Biblical History
  13. The Premillennial, Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church
  14. The 5th Tribulation Seal – The Apostasy, Martyrs, The Peace Treaty, The Antichrist
  15. Come, Reason with Me – The Construct and Progression of Epochs of Time
  16. The Social Order
  17. The New World Order
    1. The Great Reset
  18. The Tower of Babel Rebuilt – Agenda 21
  19. The Natural Order – Darwin Says ‘No’
  20. Science Says ‘No’
    1. Is Nature Warning Us?
    2. A 2000 year of weather forecast?
  21. God Says – The Bible is Warning Us
  22. Update to Agenda-21 – Socialist-Marxist Agenda-2030
  23. Where are we Now – The Socialist-Marxist Takeover
    1. It Started with Poverty; it Ends in Poverty
  24. Where are we Now – The Great Apostasy
  25. What is Next – The Antichrist
  26. What is Next – The Mark of the Beast
  27. What is Next – Digital Currency
  28. Where Do We Go From Here?
  29. A Concurrence and Convergence of Events & The Tribulation Seals
  30. The 6thTribulation Seal – What Am I To Do?
  31. Confronting Evil in our Day
  32. Ready for His Coming
    1. What does it mean to ‘be ready’?
    2. What should I do to ‘get ready and stay ready’?
    3. Keys to the Kingdom
    4. Rapture Ready – A Presentation
  33. After All These Things – A Recap
  34. Epilogue

 NEXT:  An Introduction I am posting this book, chapter-by-chapter, on this site.

Also, in digital book format (The Journey Toward Perfection). In a Flip Book format.

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