PERFECTION – Chapter 13 – Come Reason With Me

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Chapter 13


We have discussed the creation of the heavens and the earth, the existence of God, the Bible, Bible prophecy, three types of  historical timelines to the present day and clues in the Bible about the purpose and significance of The Great Deluge, (a.k.a., Noah’s Flood), the Tower of Babel and God’s Covenant Promises.

I have tried to point out that all these and other events in the Bible, and in history, show that we are moving inexorably toward some kind of epic event, a conclusion of this age. All major events in our current day and in the days to come, are being affected in dramatic ways by this evolution in time. Some of these events are perplexing, some are dangerous, bordering on catastrophic. In any case, the world is changing in ways many would never expect.

It would seem possible that our world is being transformed, changed or, ‘evolving’ to a new stage or level of existence. Whether it is a new age of technology, discovery and enlightenment or, as the Bible states, ‘God will create a new heaven and a new earth without evil, eternally good and in the presence of God’, is yet to be seen. It seems that for now, however, the evidence is stacking in favor of the Spiritual.

I will, first, attempt to weave together the Bible prophecies which have, (#1), already unfolded with, (#2), the historical records. I will also attempt to identify relevant world events which coincide and are concurrent with prophecies which are yet to be fulfilled. I will also do my best to stay within the bounds of historical accuracy, sound reason, accepted Biblical methods and principles of study and accuracy.

I will attempt these things in order to discover and reasonably conclude if Bible prophecy gives adequate and credible evidence of a coming cataclysm in the heavens and on the earth. We will see if these things can be corroborated as a trajectory of past and present sequential events, leading to a future apocalyptic event. If these things prove reasonable, then we can proceed with confidence that, as the Bible says, God will also create and inhabit a new heaven and a new earth, perfect in every sense.

We will also explore our place on that timescale, both eschatological and through natural and physical scientific reports.  We will also review what these should look like based on what we find and how can navigate these exciting but extremely dangerous days.


FIRST:  The ‘construct and progression’ of these events, throughout all the secular and Biblical history, have been developing through 





SECONDLY: We have also discussed three harbingers of the predicted “Latter Days”, also known as, “The Last Days” or the “End This Age”, all of which developed and followed this same progression:


      1. THE GREAT FLOOD, (a.k.a., “NOAH’S FLOOD”), which began as a social disorder brought on by sin and wickedness, followed by God’s intervention. That period was followed by natural consequences, (the deluge and the flood), which eventually led to a sociopolitical system, uniting people in the known world to build the Tower of Babel.
      2. THE TOWER OF BABEL, began as a social plan to bring the known world into one community, which lead to God’s intervention followed by natural consequences of collapse and chaos and a reordering of global political systems.
      3. THE COVENANTS, began with God creating a social contract with Israel and ultimately social contracts with all people. God’s intervention lead to social order which created a natural and political  The Torah and The Bible gave us social spiritual and political blueprints and the final, “New Covenant” gave the world a Spiritual solution for sin, chaos, death and disorder though the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It also led to the creation of the Nation of Israel, and as the Bible says, “And the government shall be on His shoulders”.

It is by following these patterns of development and progression, we will create our mosaic, our map of things to come, and we may learn how we can respond, endure and survive.

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

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