I am having breakfast. Oatmeal and toast. Chewing. Then, this thought hits me, “I am sure glad to have teeth.”

Then I thought, “that was a stupid thought”. Of course, I am glad to have teeth. Everyone has teeth at some time in their life. It is normal to have teeth.

Has it always been that way? Did God create us with teeth, or did we grow them later?

Stupid thoughts. Right?

It doesn’t really matter because we do have teeth and no matter what you, or I think about how we got these things called teeth, we have them and would prefer to keep them.

But I still can’t shake the gratitude for my teeth, and I know that God created us with teeth.

I mean, if you don’t believe in God and depend on evolution, then your idea of teeth is, well, weird. Somehow, out of the primordial goo, from which evolutionist say we sprung, we were amoeba or some simple cell that serendipitously grew into a human. Now that’s stupid thinking for me.

Then somewhere along the evolutionary path, our body or mind or the ‘evolution god’ decided we needed a more nutritious diet to live, but without teeth we could only gum our food because it hurt to chew meat or nuts with our gums. OUCH! So, WHAM-O! We grew teeth.

I think that it is strange we have eyes that won’t allow us to see through the dark. I mean, you could get killed walking around in the dark 3.5 billion years ago.

That’s when our evolutionist buddies say a set of filament-like fossils from Australia, reported in the journal, may be the remains of a microbial matter. Or even 315,00 years ago when the first humans were reportedly seen wandering about. (Or on a more ridiculous level, why did we have to build airplanes to fly. Why didn’t ‘evolution god’ just let us grow wings?) You might have thought, once again, that the ‘evolution god’ would have fixed that like he did with TEETH!

Stupid ‘evolution god’.

The fact is, whether you like it or not or believe it or not, God created all things – including our teeth. And, God did have to plan it out. He just IS (Eternal) and He KNOWS (Omniscient).

This may seem like a pointless and senseless rant, but, think about it and be grateful. Grateful that God created us in His image. You may not feel Perfect or even look perfect, but know that God really does have a plan for you – a plan of Perfection. To live with Him and all the other believers throughout time in a Perfect existence, in Peace for all eternity.

For now, just believe and trust Him. We have been made in the image of God. And, except for one bump in our road to perfection – SIN, which Jesus has overcome on our behalf – we really do have it made. Teeth and all!

Your Brother and Friend (and a relative to some),

Mike Young

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