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GLOBALISM – MARXISM – Agenda 2030, Episode 2 of The Series

My previous article explained how the Globalist-Marxist United Nations endeavors to use terms, phrases and a style of language acceptable to everyone and offensive to no one in order to hide their true agenda and the nefarious methods to be employed.

Here is another example from an excerpt from U.S. Aid.Gov: The Biden-Harris Administration’s Request is a reflection of the critical importance of development and humanitarian assistance in advancing US interests around the world. This Budget will advance USAID efforts to: Combat Climate Change, Advance Democratic Values, Address the Root Causes of Irregular Migration, Strengthen Global Health Leadership, Bolster Humanitarian Assistance, Expand Inclusive Economic Growth, Improve Resilience and Security, Invest in Our People, and Restore Support for Key National Security Partners and Advance Peace in accordance with the Interim National Security Strategy Guidance.


Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 President’s Budget Request For The United States Agency For International Development (USAID).


  • Increases USAID Bilateral Climate Change Programming to more than $600 million, to dramatically expand the scale and geographic reach of USAID’s programs to combat climate change, including through investments in adaptation and resilience, renewable energy, and sustainable landscapes.
  • Builds on USAID’s comparative advantage when implementing climate change programming by leveraging relationships at the local level and supporting partner countries’ ability to achieve their Nationally Determined Contributions and implement National Adaptation Plans and priorities.
  • Generates creative solutions to encourage policy innovation and strengthen partner country capacity to accelerate breakthroughs in technologies and practices that promote climate resilience, carbon capture and storage, advanced energy systems, and maximize resource efficiency.
  • Expands climate change adaptation programming and policy leadership for USAID globally, including access to weather and climate information, science and analysis for improved decision-making.”

On the surface, what could possibly be wrong with the Biden-Harris Administration’s Request to tax the average American family for U.S. Aid to be spent abroad?

FIRST, The President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Budget Request for the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is $58.5 billion. That is FIFTY-EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS of your tax money spent overseas on Marxists planned, directed and initiated goals. Goals that are designed to complete, establish and entrench a One World Governing Body which will absorb the sovereignty of the United States of America.

SECONDLY – If you doubt that the U.S. Government, our government, has jumped on board with the One World Marxist Government push, just compare the United Nations pictorial of Agenda 2030 and the U.S. pictorial of the same (I have hyper-linked the images to the websites):

United States Sustainable Development Goals:

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

The foregoing are the goals of the Globalist-Marxists, which will give them complete authority over everything that affects and concerns you, from cradle to grave.

THIRDLY – Please note, from the image below here, the Biden administration 2022 U.S. budget proposals which total Six Trillion dollars. This, of course, is a back-breaker for the U.S. Citizen who works for and earns a living. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS IN TAX INCREASES. But, the long-term goal of budgets like this is to collapse the U.S. economy and bankrupt the Treasury, which will create the crisis needed to weaken the U.S. sufficiently in order to move her into a One World Confederation.

It takes a patient and careful reading of the budgetary goals to realize that each department and has been equipped and directed to re-educate, retrain and indoctrinate our children in the ways of Marxist thought and doctrines, (Critical Race Theory, Socialist economic theory, Marxist ideologies, etc.), through the U.S. Department of Education and our citizenry through social engineering and social programs.

Biden Whitehouse 2022

THIRDLY – If you are doubting these assertions and claims, then please read these page links and the associated documents, taken directly from United Nations websites and U.S. Government sites:

Agenda-21, cover for the United Nation’s One World Government

Globalism and the Tower of Babel

FINALLY – There is a lot to be read about the World Economic Forum, (WEC), a United Nations Strategic Partner organization in implementing the Agenda 2030. I will reveal more about this sinister alliance and their Global goals and methods in my next edition.

MORE:  Here is a link to a website, “The Wine Press” which as gone into some greater detail. It is interesting and informative. It also features a short video from the World Economic Forum (part of the Agenda 2030 family of Marxists) you should glimpse.

Michael J. Young

NEXT:  The One World Government Emerges – 2022


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