The Socialist-Globalist movement has won the cultural war

They now hold the political high ground

(what this means to you and to me).

I will make this very simple. If you want more detail, I will provide links to detailed articles and essays.

Communists through Socialism, over the last 75+ years, have infiltrated every American institution and every aspect of American life, indoctrinating our youth, ‘dumbing-down’, corrupting and perverting our educational systems, our systems of justice, our religious institutions and have destroyed the nuclear family unit. They have convinced half the populace that whatever is right in your own eyes, is valid and fair and any other view is racist, misogynist, sexists, fascist, unfair and undemocratic. They have set Americans one-against-another. We are a country divided and easily conquered from within. Simple.

The Socialists-Communist-Globalist movement is primarily made up of and run by the United Nations through U.N.E.S.C.O., the World Economic Forum, using the Agenda 2030 as the blueprint for a Socialist Utopia.

A brief snapshot of the goals of The Socialists-Communist-Globalist movement, as presented by the public relations arm of U.N.E.S.C.O., the World Economic Forum is shown in this short video:

What they promise is found here: Agenda 2030

What they are delivering is shown here: Venezuela, Cuba, China, etc.

How could we have seen this coming? This question, if answered in detail, would be too lengthy and subject to fact and conjecture. If you choose, you can research further on your own.

Here is the bottom-line:  Bible prophecy has warned and foretold of the events that have continued to unfold to this day – with uncanny accuracy and frightening detail.

Since our source is the Bible, most people will not be willing to read it and are even less willing to believe it, although the facts and data is there. So, they lament and succumb.

Here are a few brief articles on this matter:

A Timeline and Chronology of the End Days

Globalism and The Tower of Babel

The Socialist Utopia

Here is a complete outline and guide:

*GOD’S PLAN FOR PERFECTION – Prophecy, World History and the Tribulation

What can we do about it now? There is nothing that can be done to thwart God’s plan for humankind and His creation. Does this mean we, too, are finished? Does it mean we should fold our hands, hang our head and go to oblivion? No, it does not. Hold your head high and let your spirit soar in expectation of a victorious end. God’s plan is for “perfection”. He is completing His plan for all His creation, for you and me and all who believe and follow Christ Jesus.

What we are seeing in this world of chaos and destruction is actually just a small skirmish in a greater war. The greatest of all battles is yet to be fought, and it will be waged by Jesus, Himself, The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! He will vanquish the Beast and the false prophet and cast them into an eternal lake of fire.

God will then create a new heaven and a new earth, without sin, without sickness or death. A place of perfection, in His presence for all eternity.

First, however, you should know that in the beginning, God created man and woman with a flaw which led to sin and death. But He also created a solution to that flaw through a Savior – Jesus Christ.

You should know that God gave each of us a free will and the power of choice. The choice, as found in Deuteronomy, is between life and happiness or death and adversity, both now and for all eternity.

Everything has gone exactly according to God’s Plan to this point, so you have every reason to know He will complete that which He has begun!

It would be best to understand God’s Plan, and align yourself with His Plan –  and live. (*GOD’S PLAN FOR PERFECTION – Prophecy, World History and the Tribulation).

The conclusion of this age with be both terrifying and glorious. You, I and every other person who has ever been on this planet will have experienced or will experience parts of God’s plan, while alive on this earth, and will experience the conclusion of His Grand Design, whether you are alive or if you have been ‘asleep’ (dead) and brought back to life for God’s Great White Throne Judgment.

Natural World History has paralleled and reflected Biblical and Prophetic History. These two views of history began to visibly converge around 1 B.C. and will collide in a violent end at the Consummation of this Age.

So, know ahead of time that these troubled times and this age of tribulation is for our good as God readies us for perfection, to inherit His Kingdom and to live with Him and one another in that perfection – forever!

In the meantime, do not make politics, money, wealth, medicine, knowledge, position or any other earthly thing your hope or your salvation. These things may be useful at times, but it is God, through His Son, Jesus, Who will save you. Endure to the end in that Hope, and you will be saved!

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

Charlie Kirk on the Global-Marxist Takeover of America

LINK TO:  41 Articles and essays on The Socialist-Marxist-Communist takeover of America and the world; The emergent One World Government Orchestrated from the U.N. by U.N.E.S.C.O. and the World Economic Forum, by way of Agenda-21 and Agenda 2030.


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