There are several pharmaceutical companies vying to produce a Covid-19 Vaccine.  One has emerged as a potential leader, AstraZeneca, but not without controversy and serious ethical issues.

This webpage, titled, THE CULLING OF THE HUMAN RACE BEGINS: See the Horrifying Ingredients in AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine with attached video.

The culling of the human race begins. (see the horrifying ingredients in astrazenecas covid-19 vaccine).

Secondly, this next video is ‘homemade’ and taken from a FB page.  It is informative, but, watch and then do your own research of the information provided. Consult with a medical professional. Decide for yourself.

But, do watch it, for your own welfare.

Finally, here is an article from The Catholic News Agency, dealing with the reports that the leading contender as a Covid-19 vaccine which is being produced by AstraZeneca, containing cells from an aborted male fetus. (a British–Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Cambridge, England.   AstraZeneca has a portfolio of products for major disease areas including cancer, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infection, neuroscience, respiratory and inflammation. (Wikipedia))

Catholic news news.  The coronavirus vaccine made from fetal cells.

(This website and it’s author and owner neither confirms nor denies the accuracy of the information contained in the featured video. It is presented for informational purposes only.)

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