The LEFT claims there is no such a thing as a universal truth. The LEFT claims there are multiple versions of truth and that every person can have ‘their own truth’.

Everyone can have their own opinion or their own version of circumstances, but, there is only one basis for truth. The Truth is found in the person of Jesus Christ and through the Bible. Every other person or thing claiming to have their own truth are liars and they teach a lie.

“Multiple versions” of the truth is chaos and anarchy which lead to disputes, factions, wars and death. This is a ploy of the Leftist Marxists-Communists to divide and conquer. They perpetuate this lie, create chaos, then arrive to ‘save the day’ by declaring their truth and imposing that truth on everyone by way of despotism through a dictatorship. We are seeing that happen now. The United Nation’s Agenda 2030 claims to be ‘saving the world’ through their Sustainable Development Goals, (SDG) while enforcing their, ‘unenforceable and nonbinding edict’ as they call it, with a Global Elite Group named the World Economic Forum, (W.E.F. in Davos, Switzerland) and through the Addis Ababa Action Agenda who also serve as the planning and financing groups.

The outcome of this Agenda and plan for the long awaited Socialist-Communist-Marxist Global utopia is non-negotiable. You will comply and like it, because, to borrow a term from the famous Star Trek series, ‘resistance is futile’.

The One standard for Truth is the Bible and God of the Bible. When properly understood and properly applied, even by fallible human beings, you get the best results for living together and facing the difficulties of life.


Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

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