THE WORDS OF JESUS – What Are You To Do With Them? Part 6


Creative, Causative, Prophetic, Instructional – Pt 6

 “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

Jesus’ words seem pretty straight forward, as He says, “Follow me”. But what if these words are profoundly, literally true, without any error and factually accurate in ways we fail to recognize? Without the proper understanding of what each word means, the context in which they are spoken and Jesus’ intent, we might fail to complete our mission as Christians and never reach the full potential that Jesus has for us! Now, that would be a real tragedy.

If we will look deeper into the language and look at the context of what Jesus is saying, we will find that He isn’t making a calm, polite request. His words are an interjection, and an emotional imperative command; “Come here now, and follow Me!”

Jesus is telling His disciples not to just follow Him, but to follow Him closely, as if to be leaning upon His back, peering over His shoulder, intently watching and learning. Ultimately, being closely identified with Him.

Jesus goes on to say, “I will make you fishers of men”. The word Jesus uses, “make”, (poieo), is rich and extensive in meaning. He is saying that He will fashion you, appoint you and ordain you into the very thing by which it is to be called. In this case, His disciple.

This complex word also has a dual or interchangeable use:  “To make into” and “To practice” (prasso). You will be made for a designated purpose for an intended, earnest and habitual, performance; and a definitely directed action to the scope and character of the result: Jesus’ disciple.

This cannot and should not be understated. Jesus is saying to His disciples, then and now, “Be aware. You are entering into an irreversible contract with God. You are to be refashioned and transformed into an object for My use.”

Imagine with me; Jesus looks at you and says your name, and says: “Come here                        ! Come and follow me, very closely. You will be become my disciple. Walk closely by Me. Watch my every move, practice what I do so you can do the same. I will fashion and transform you into my likeness as my disciple, and will make you a brother, a friend, and a child and son of God. You will perform and practice what I teach you, and there will be no turning back. What I make you into is permanent and eternal.”

How would you then feel? What would you then do?

He has called you. You have been transformed. It is urgent that you do not misunderstand these Words of God. Please know that you could likely be numbered among the Elect who will stand in the Gap, boldly proclaiming the Words of God, calling the lost and the straying, laying hands on the sick and the infirm, caring for the poor, the oppressed, the widows and the orphans and ‘Sounding the Shofar’ in the Last Days, if you will only follow Him.

May God keep and protect us as we work out this great and wonderful salvation!

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

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