WOKE – The New Paganism


(It is sweeping America and Influencing the church)

(Please note: It is not enough too just to know what you are about to read, but you need to know how it affects you, your family and our world – AND HOW TO RESPOND. I am providing information about ‘Woke-ism” and “Paganism”, how to protect yourself and your family and what you can do about it).

It may seem strange to use the word, “Pagan”, to describe someone or an entire group of people. It is such a misunderstood and archaic term. But it is exactly the right word to use here.

Pagans are diverse and varied people. The term Pagan comes from the Latin word paganus, which means “country dweller”; paganism can refer to polytheism, (the belief in many gods), or the worship of more than one god, such as in ancient Rome. A pagan is also considered to be one who, for the most part, has no religion and indulges in worldly delights and material possessions; someone who revels in sensual pleasures; a hedonistic or self-indulgent individual.

Another, more modern term is neo-paganism, which refers to some of the contemporary forms of paganism such as Wicca, and Druidry.

Modern “pagan” practices are actually similar to their ancient counterparts in that they rely heavily on hedonism—sensual gratification and self-indulgence, and the pursuit of happiness and pleasure to the exclusion of everything else. In ancient times, sexual ceremonies were a major part of pagan religions. The Old Testament references these perverted religions in such passages as Deuteronomy 23:17, Amos 2:7–8, and Isaiah 57:7–8.

Though they are numerous and varied in their practices and beliefs, pagans do hold to some similar beliefs. For example:

  • The physical world is a good place, one to be taken pleasure in by everyone.
    • Everyone is considered to be part of this Mother Earth.
    • Divinity reveals itself in every facet of the world.
    • Every being, man and animal, is a derivative of the Divine. As such, all are gods and goddess.
    • Most pagan religions do not have gurus or messiahs.
    • Doctrine is superseded by one’s own responsibility.
    • Solar and lunar cycles are significant in pagan worship.

From a Christian viewpoint, pagans are generally characterized as those who are caught up in any religious ceremony, act, or practice that is not distinctly Christian, whereas some argue that a pagan can be anyone with no religion at all.

The Apostle Paul wrote, “Furthermore, since they, (pagans), did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, He gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done” (Romans 1:28).

In spite of common assumptions, most pagan ‘worshipers’ claim they don’t believe in Satan. However, there’s no question that Satan is their chief source of influence and control. Though they will deny it, they deify him in their worldly and sensual practices. Paul tells us plainly how Satan works in the lives of people without God, through his power, his signs, his deceit, and his lies.

Finally, Pagans can seem to be good guys, too, (but don’t let appearances fool you. And, a lot of those who appear to be ‘good guys and gals’ won’t escape God’s coming wrath).

However, let’s remember, as Christians, our quarrel is not with the flesh and blood person. Our quarrel is with “the rulers, the powers, the world forces of darkness, the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” that directs their thoughts and actions.

(It can be a tough distinction to make when you are face-to-face with a quarrelsome and antagonistic person, or when interacting with a ‘free spirit’ type who lives only for fun and pleasure and finds any discipline too restrictive. It helps to relax and remember, “IT IS GOD’S JOB TO SAVE THEM”. You and I are just the messenger.)

Generally, paganism, as it appears in politics, religion, education, science, medicine and in society has the following opinions or policies as opposed to Biblical teachings:

  1. Paganism advocates for the legalization of same-sex marriage God created males and females, alone, to be married.
  2. Paganism advocates for the abolition of the death penaltyThe Bible allows the death penalty for certain crimes.
  3. Paganism advocates for open and unrestricted immigrationThe Bible allows for ‘borders’ but calls on believers to care for the foreigner and alien.
  4. Paganism advocates for increased taxation on the richThe Bible encourages and teaches reliance on God and equal treatment, including taxation.
  5. Paganism advocates for Globalization and a One World Authority (Government)The Bible warns of a coming, deadly, One World Authority (led by the anti-Christ and another beast-of-a-man).
  6. Paganism advocates for the reordering of society modeled after Marxism-Communism and SocialismThe Bible teaches a God-reliance government and rejects elitist authoritarianism (See the Tower of Babel).
  7. Paganism advocates for an Elitist Central governanceThe Bible teaches and strongly suggests a representative style of government.
  8. Paganism advocates for a Marxist-Communist-Socialist government control of the economythe Bible teaches personal responsibility and suggests a free market style of economy.
  9. Paganism advocates for a strong and powerful welfare stateThe Bible teaches that the Church and Christians are primarily responsible for the widow, the orphan and the needy.
  10. Paganism advocates that there should be no free tradeThe Bible encourages Free trade and entrepreneurialism.
  11. Paganism advocates for ‘Religion’ separate and abolished from governmentThe Bible teaches a system of representative government that relies on Biblical principles and reliance on God.
  12. Paganism advocates for free and unrestricted abortion The Bible teaches protecting life, especially children and babies.
  13. Paganism advocates for government control through a heavy and progressive tax systemThe Bible sets standards of fair and equitable taxation.
  14. Paganism advocates for the abolition of capitalismThe Bible teaches the rejection of Socialist style economies.
  15. Paganism advocates that the government should shape all aspect of lifeIndividuals, families and the Church should influence and shapes all aspects of life.
  16. Paganism advocates for restricted personal freedoms as dictated by government officialsThe Bible teaches Jesus came to set us free for freedom’s sake.
  17. Paganism advocates for the abolition of religion or restructuring of religion through ecumenicalism with government oversightRejection of all false religions (those outside Christianity).
  18. Paganism advocates for minorities populations to be shown unbalanced favor to amend for perceived past inequities (reparations)The Bible teaches true equality.
  19. Paganism advocates that the private sector reports to government to restrict private equity growthGovernment should have no part in private sector matters.
  20. Paganism advocates for LBGQT and transgender rights superior to personal rightsThe Bible teaches loving the sinner, but that those who practice LBGQT and transgenderism will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Paganism stands diametrically opposed to Christianity on almost each and every issue. Although the Bible teaches Christians should be at peace with all people whenever and wherever possible, it is easy to see why the Pagans among us have declared war on Christianity. (See “The Global March to Marxist-Communism, a.k.a., Paganism”).

Finally, here are two great articles and videos from The Fuel Project to help inform you and to guide you in a Biblical Christian response to the very real and present threat.

Together in the Bonds of Christ – Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

Please see the articles and videos below:

“Know Your Enemy”

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The name Babylon occurs in the Bible almost three-hundred times. The majority of those references are in the Old Testament – and with good reason. It was the first great city of the world. However, Babylon is much more than this. The Bible clearly and intriguingly states that “Mystery Babylon” is also the source of all abominations of the Earth (Revelation 17:5) – a fountainhead of evil that began flowing through history thousands of years ago and which profoundly impacts the world today…in ways many don’t realize. Indeed, Revelation tells us that “Mystery Babylon” will survive until the end of time, when God finally judges it with terminal violence.

This series is a walk-through history that follows the threads, exposes the idolatry, the symbolism and thought-processes that originated in Babylon. We discover its influence in all false religion, astrology, freemasonry, world-famous landmarks, the theory of evolution, philosophy, the United Nations, the European Union and much more. We discover that ever since God scattered the Babylonians from the Tower of Babel back in Genesis 11, it has been Satan’s intention to reverse the process and bring the whole world back together again under a single world system, ruled by the Antichrist. Above all we learn how to recognize our enemy so that we will not be deceived and instead live with faith, hope, love and courage in the face of Babylon’s demonic schemes.

TRENCH – A Christian Guide to the Culture War

Covid. Globalism. Cancel Culture. Gender and Transgender Confusion. Cultural Marxism. Authoritarian Government. The Rise of China. Climate Change. Black Lives Matter. The Great Reset. Feminism. Migration Crises. Immorality. Safetyism.

In this book and series we unfold a Biblical theory by which to understand all these issues and more, explain why the political left and right are so divided, and help Christians navigate the times in which we live.

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