The Bible tells us of a time when world events will collide in a world-wide cataclysm. We are seeing, what appears to be, the finals acts of that event in our day. (October 2021).

The Bible warns of wars and rumors of wars, nations rising against nations, earthquakes, famines, drought, disease and death. We are warned of false Messiahs, a horrific persecution of Christians, world-wide and a great falling away from the faith. (Matthew chapter 24 and Revelation chapters 6 & 7).

All the things listed, have already occurred and are occurring, and in fact, have been ongoing, intensifying and overlapping, since the death and resurrection of Jesus, this is, except for the Great Apostasy, a.k.a., the great falling away, but we now have signs that the Apostasy has begun.

We are told that “AFTER THE TRIBULATION OF THOSE DAYS”, that is, after  the first FIVE SCROLL SEALS are broken, as described above (also, see the Matthew chapter 24 and Revelation chapters 6 and 7), the world will witness  great cosmic disturbances, as have never seen by mankind.

During these times, the Bible (Daniel and Revelation) foretells of coming a World Government, headed by a highly intelligent and charismatic individual who is able to lead a great and fierce army, conquering many. He will be able to deceive many and to do miraculous deeds, and will take control of a worldwide empire and the lives of every person on earth.

I have outlined the SEALS of the Tribulation, below for easy reference in order to point out what is now at hand. I am showing Jesus Word to His disciples, taken from the book of Matthew, chapter 24, and I have added the corollary verses from the Book of Revelation (I have not gone into the Trumpet and Bowl judgements): Click here or on the image of the scrolls for more.

Seals of the tribulation.jpg

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

PS:  I originally wrote this in 2018, so this is actually “old news”.  Both Bush presidents appear to have colluded with the Marxists in our government and around the world.  See Agenda-21: Cover for the U.N., One World Government and Marxism for details.

MORE great reading on these matters:

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