One of the mottos for the state of Missouri is “Show Me”.  There are various stories related to how “Show Me” came about. One such legend claims that the phrase ‘’Show-me’’ originated from Leadville, Colorado. In Leadville, the slogan was used as a phrase of reproach and ridicule. During the mid-1980s, there was a miner’s strike in Leadville, Colorado. Therefore, miners were imported from Missouri to replace the striking miners, and since they were not familiar with the mining techniques, they needed frequent instructions. The bosses of the mines started saying these are miners from Missouri and you will have to show them the mining techniques. The phrase has gained a different meaning, and currently, it refers to the non-credulous, conservative, and strong character of the people of Missouri.

One central idea is the people from Missouri have a natural healthy skepticism, so they want proof before they believe some things.

One popular commercial used the phrase, “Well, if it is on the internet, it has to be true” to express sarcasm. I believe, in this day and age of deception, we all could use a bit of healthy skepticism.

Discovering what is true and legitimate has never been more difficult. For example, there is a philosophy going around which says you can have your ‘own truth’. This used to be derisively named “situational ethics”, i.e., everyone for themselves. What a recipe for turmoil and chaos.

One of our historically most trusted documents, the Bible, has come under attack over the last 100 years. Detractors spend an inordinate amount of time trying to discredit the Bible, either by deception and lies, taking specific scriptures out of context and creating their endless arguments or using their opinions based on sources other than THE SOURCE, the Bible. But the Bible has stood the test of time and accuracy, when taken in context.

There is now an attack being mounted from inside the church, and it is having a deleterious effect. The old techniques are the same, but, the ‘enemy’ has infiltrated the church. I call them the ‘enemy’ for good reason. They deny the Gospel. They deny the Bible. They have gained the moniker of pastors, theologians, church leaders, deacons and elders, strictly by way of attending various religious schools, colleges, seminaries for the education. But they teach and preach a strange ‘new gospel’, and the results are tragic and are growing worse.

Sadly and strangely, churches are responding by demanding higher and higher education degrees from those who would pastor their organizations, not realizing what they are getting are many times ‘religious humanists’ who teach in the spirit of antichrist. (I know how this sounds, but please beware).

Now, many in our churches remain true to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, are saying, “Show Me!” Show me where you find that in the Bible. When a preacher or a Bible teacher says “I believe this means ‘this or that’” they are being called to account by those demanding to be shown the exact words in the Bible.

Then, there are a few pastors, teachers and theologians who hold themselves to the highest Biblical and doctrinal standards and subject themselves to the oversight of other capable pastors, Bible teachers, theologians, deacons, elders of the church and fully devoted followers of Jesus.

One strong example of this is Pastor Trent Casto, Senior Pastor, Covenant Naples Church, Naples, Florida.

A sermon he delivered on a recent Sunday, “Strong Foundations in Times of Uncertainty”, is an example of the highest standards of correct teaching. (Video posted below).

His message comes from Deuteronomy 31:1-29. This message, these verses, are to be considered “An Eternal Prophetic Truth”. The principals and truths in this passage have remained true and in effect since God Breathed them through Moses, and will continue to be true and at work.

There are four “Strong Foundations” found in these verses which give us Truth, Sanctuary, Help, Guidance and Character in these times of uncertainty.

There are both warning and instructions in these scriptures. They are still true and are being playing out in the waning days of the United States of America. BEWARE.

God warns that His anger will be kindled against His people in the day that the people living in the land He has appointed and consecrated when they ‘whore after foreign gods and forsake Him and break His covenant that He made with them and their fathers.

 Then, His anger will be kindled against them in that day, and He will forsake them and hide His Face from them, and they will be devoured.

And, many evils and troubles will come upon them, so that they will say in that day, ‘Have not these evils come upon us because our God is not among us?”

And says, “I will surely hide my face in that day because of all the evil that they have done, because they have turned to other gods.;” (Deuteronomy 31:16-18).


There are four basic parts to what happened to the Israelites, which are not prophetic proclamations for anyone in any land who have been established and ordained by God and then turned away from Him.

  1. (Moses died). Also, our National Spiritual Leadership is passing away.
  2. (The Israelites were unfaithful to God). The people of the America, including and specifically Christians, have become spiritually unfaithful and are chasing after idols.
  3. God will become and is becoming angry and will forsake us and allow America to be devoured by our enemies.
  4. In the midst of our misery, we will ask, “Have not these things come upon us because God is not among us?”

We also find the Truth, Sanctuary, Help, Guidance and Character in these times of uncertainty in God’s Strong Foundations:

  1. God’s Presence.
  2. God’s Appointed Leaders.
  3. God’s Word.
  4. God’s Unchanging Character.

We are living in treacherous times. Dangers lurk everywhere. But there is safety. There is Truth, Sanctuary, Help, Guidance and Character in these times of uncertainty.  You and I must choose to live and stand on God’s Strong Foundations:, we must become part of the prophesied “Remnant of God”.

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young





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